The Ultimate Gypsy Run | taught by Yaakov Hoter

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The Ultimate Gypsy Run | taught by Yaakov Hoter new lesson! new lesson:  49,00 USD... mehr
Produktinformationen "The Ultimate Gypsy Run | taught by Yaakov Hoter"

The Ultimate Gypsy Run | taught by Yaakov Hoter

new lesson! new lesson:  49,00 USD

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Hi friends of GypsyGuitar and Gypsy Jazz, this what Yaakov writes:

Ever wondered how to create long phrases over the Dom7 chord?

This course is the answer!

The core of this course is a complete system for creating a long and fast run, based on an idea transcribed from Django Reinhardt's solos.

You will learn the elements of this system - the harmonic minor and the mixob9b13 scales and the dim7 arpeggio. You’ll get tips on how to use them in your accompaniment and solo playing, plus examples from Django’s playing. Then, you will learn this special system that will improve your improvisation skills and technique dramatically and you'll see how I implement it over 4 famous songs – Bossa Dorado, All of Me, Minor Swing and Nuages.

Important - This course contains parts of lesson 22 from my previous site. It is also contains lots of new material!
If you already bought the old lesson contact me and you will be credited with the amount you paid.

After learning this course:

* You will know the theory behind the harmonic minor and the mixob9b13 scales.

* You will know how to play the harmonic minor and the mixob9b13 scales in various positions.

* You will know how to play the mixob9b13 scale in your improvisation over your entire fingerboard using a special lick.

* You will know how to combine the mixob9b13 scale with the dim7 arpeggio.

* You will know how Django used the mixob9b13 scale in the songs Les Yeux Noir and Rhythm Futur.

* You will get examples of the use of this idea in 4 songs:

  • Bossa Dorado
  • All of Me
  • Minor Swing
  • Nuages



Yaakov Hoter
Yaakov Hoter
Professional Musician and Teacher
At the age of 13, when Yaakov started to play the guitar, his older brother, Azriel, gave him a Django Reinhardt cassette.
Django’s music ignited a spark in Yaakov and he began to dream of going to Europe to learn from the Gypsies.
Yaakov graduated from the Rimon Music High School and attained his bachelor’s degree in music from the Jerusalem Music Academy.

He has performed in many bands, written songs and music for theater. It was only in 2006, following a chance meeting with Jon Larsen and Walter Clerici in Denmark, that he decided to dedicate himself completely to Gypsy swing.

He travelled to Belgium to study with the accomplished Gypsy guitarist Fapy Lafertin and had the great good fortune to also meet and jam with Gypsy guitar greats Birelli Lagrene, Moreno, Stochelo and Noumi Rosenberg in France – learning a great deal in the process.

His band, Swing De Gitanes ( has been in the forefront of the Gypsy Swing genre in Israel and has gleaned ample praise.

The trio has three albums under its belt, as well as hundreds of performances, participation in major international music festivals, collaborations with leading local artists,

including Miki Gavrielov and Dori Ben Zeev, and collaboration with leading international Gypsy Swing and Jazz luminaries, including: Robin Nolan (G.B), Lulo Reinhardt, Daniel Weltlinger (Germany), Hot Club de Norvege (Norway), Evan Christopher (U.S.A), Dario Napoli (Italy), Maurizio di fulvio (Italy) and more.

Today Yaakov is developing a new generation of Gypsy swing guitarists in Israel. He has translated his experience into a straightforward comprehensive method. Yaakov has initiated the production of Gypsy Swing guitars in Israel, in cooperation with ERG. He is working on original compositions and lyrics and more...
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