5 Day Workshop in Tuscany/Toskana mit/with Yaakov Hoter

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5-tägiger Workshop mit Yaakov Hoter in der Toskana   Achtung: Workshop... mehr
Produktinformationen "5 Day Workshop in Tuscany/Toskana mit/with Yaakov Hoter"

5-tägiger Workshop mit Yaakov Hoter in der Toskana


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Hi friends of GypsyGuitar and Gypsy Jazz, this what Yaakov writes:

5 Day Workshop in Tuscany/Toskana mit/with Yaakov Hoter

Course description

Experience an immediate tangible difference in your playing and come away with inspiration, knowledge and skills that will enrich your playing forever.

My workshop provides full 5 days of deep immersion into Gypsy swing and jazz guitar playing. Your time is devoted to intense, hands-on learning, practicing and playing individually and with a partner or small group.

I analyse each student’s needs from the outset and throughout the workshop, giving lots of personal attention to each and every student. Each student gets personalized assignments to practice as we go along – either on your own or with a friend.

You have a wonderful opportunity to meet and play with new people. We eat together, chat and get together at the end of each day to learn a song we can all play together. It’s always lots of fun and holding the workshops in pastoral locations adds to the enjoyment and the feeling of really getting away from it all and putting your passion first.



July 9-15, 2017


US$ 995

*Does not include lodging and meals


We will be staying in the village of Monticchiello, in Val d’Orcia. Very small cozy village, the quintessential Tuscan town. Very relaxed atmosphere, idea for our playing and learning.

Close by, you have other bigger towns, such as Pienza, Montepulciano, San Quirico d’Orcia.

Lodging: we will stay in the medieval town of Monticchiello, in nice and cozy B&B.

Meals will be all together, with home made cooking and 1-2 evening at the local trattoria.

Plan € 80-90 per night for accommodation in private room with breakfast; if you don’t mind sharing the room with someone else, the cost of the room will be divided by two.

Meals: plan € 240 for 6 dinners and 5 lunches.

B&B can be paid directly to the B&B, meals will be paid in cash (Euro) at the beginning of the workshop.


Please fill the form below and send it back to carlo@tpw.it

Gypsy/Jazz Registration Form

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