Niglo PSM paperstone manouche

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the PaperStone is a totally environmentally friendly product: it is made from recycled paper... mehr
Produktinformationen "Niglo PSM paperstone manouche"

the PaperStone is a totally environmentally friendly product: it is made from recycled paper assembled with a petroleum products without warranty resin. this material is used in cutlery and tableware, so totally analergique.

This pick is thick (3.5 / 4mm) and is ideal for guitarists and gypsy jazz with a very wide spectrum of sound with clear highs and deep bass, and the bass players

its shape is based on the ergonomics of Niglos and is polished bevels to slide on the ropes, and semi-polished on the footprint for increased traction.

handcrafted by French artisans, they are suceptibles vary from one model to another



Das Pick ist dick (3,5 / 4 mm) und ist ideal für Gitarristen und Gypsy Jazz mit einem sehr breiten Spektrum von Klang mit klaren Höhen und tiefen Bässen und den Bassisten

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