GUZZ s3 Guitar Pick

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GUZZ S3 Guitar Pick 3,51 mm thick The s3 guitar pick is the first pick with which you can... mehr
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GUZZ S3 Guitar Pick 3,51 mm thick

The s3 guitar pick is the first pick with which you can play with any of the 3 sides, producing a different soundfrom each. So with the s3 you can play with 3 sides of the pick, two sides are for playing rhythm,and one side is for playing solo.


We worked in England during 14 months on the engineering, 3D analysis, HQ sound spectrograms to develop the s3 pick...but the s3 has been created 100% by hand.


3.51 mm Thick



The s3 guitar pick has been created trying to achieve two things:                 

The s3 is ergonomic (it is very important to be comfortable with a high gauge pick). We tested 187 materials to make this pick, we finally found what we were looking for (6 months later!).

The s3 works as an Acoustic guitar pick, Jazz Pick, Gypsy Jazz Pick ( Jazz manouche pick ), Folk Pick, Bluegrass pick, andElectric Guitar Pick (archtop).

Enjoy the experience we are confident that when you learn to get its full potential the s3 will be your pick forever. 

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