JM4 1x12" Greenback Röhrenamp

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  • JMI 4
JM4 1x12" Greenback JMI 4 Röhrenamp 10W - hat etwas mehr Power als z.B ein Stimer - gut... mehr
Produktinformationen "JM4 1x12" Greenback Röhrenamp"

JM4 1x12" Greenback

JMI 4 Röhrenamp 10W - hat etwas mehr Power als z.B ein Stimer - gut wenn ein Drumset dabei ist :-)

The JMI 4 amplifier is based on the classic JMI manufactured  AC10 combo although with improved tonal features.  Control layout: Volume Tone Speed Intensity Valve complement: ECC83 (x2) EL84 (x1) Wattage: 10W Speaker Options: Available exclusively with a Celestion 12" Speaker Variable voltage selector Color Options: Black Tolex, Fawn Tolex.  Made in the U.K.

Valve amplifier Combo Guitar 4W JMI the Pure Tradition "Jennings-made®" of the Years 1950 & 1960.

JMI was launched to return its letters of nobility to the tradutuib Tom Jennings, famous for sezs amplifying VOX of the Sixties. Entirely manufactured to the hand by craftsmen in England, by using top-of-the-range components selected carefully, amplifiers JMI offer an incomparable sound quality, with a its vintage sought so much by the large amateurs of music and purists of the sound.


Characteristics :

- Power : 4Watt Clair/10Watt MAXI OUT.
- Lamps : ECC83 (X2) & EL84 (X1).
- Loudspeaker : 1x12" (Celestion®) Green Back.
- Controls :

  • Volume.
  • Tonality.
  • Speed.
  • Intensity of the tremor.
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