2013 Jeronimo Pena Fernandez Flamenco - Flamenco Guitar

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2013 Jeronimo Pena Fernandez Flamenco - Flamenco Guitar - "La Dulcinea" Aus der... mehr
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2013 Jeronimo Pena Fernandez Flamenco - Flamenco Guitar - "La Dulcinea"

Aus der Meister-Werkstatt von Jeronimo Pena Fernandez eine Flamenco Gitarre (flamenca de concierto). Eine legendärer Bauer, dessen Gitarren von Enrique Montoya, Manolo Sanlucar, Manolo Escoba gespielt werden oder wurden. Zargen und Boden aus Zypresse, feine Fichtendecke, traditionelle Ebenholz-Steckwirbel, Kopfplatte Ebenholz geschnitzt., Hals Cedro. Es ist die Nr.29 seiner auf 29 Exemplare begrenzten Serie Especial). Zustand ist neuwertig, denn die Gitarre wurde nicht regelmäßig gespielt.

From the workshop of Master Jeronimo Pena Fernandez in Marmoleio/Andalusia: A Flamenco Guitar (flamenca de concierto). He is a legendary builder - his guitars were played by Enrique Montoya, Manolo Sanlucar, Manolo Escoba ... Back and Sides are made of cypress. a fine spruce top, traditional ebony pegheads, headstock is carved ebony, fingerboard ebony, neck is cedro. Its nummer 29 of his limited serie Especial model "La dulcinea". Built 2013. In  the meantime Jeronimo Pena Fernandez is retired and not building anymore.

 Player Reviews:

"I could play this guitar all day. It has the traditional quick response and crispness Flamenco players want, but it also has a bit more warmth and body to the tone, almost like a Flamenco Negra. This is a versatile guitar that can certainly more than just Flamenco, but that is where it excels." - Paul Heumiller

"Jeronimo Pena Fernandez builds truly exquisite guitars both in terms of beauty and tone. They are powerful and warm and his carving and fine detail work makes them works of art as well as world-class guitars. " - Paul Heumiller

Jeronimo Pena Fernandez Biography

From his shop in Andalusia, Spain, Jeronimo Pena Fernandez has crafted wonderful guitars since the 1950s. He is known for having formed his own approach to guitar construction and for his beautiful carvings that adorn his fine instruments. He is now retired but his work lives on.

Jeronimo Peña Fernandez was born in 1933 in Andulsia, Spain. He has a background in ornamental carving as was at one apprenticed to be a carpenter when he was a child. He also became interested in the guitar at this time and would begin to build his first guitars in the 1950s. Not having any formal training allowed for his guitars to truly have their own unique look and sound. His training in carving gave us some of the most beautiful headstocks and bridges one can find. He is a man devoted to the guitar as he recounts in his book “El Arte de un guitarrero español”

This guitar is typical of Fernandez. Ornately carved headstock and bridge with a gorgeous open sound. This guitar has the bite that came to define the sound of flamenco music during the period from which this guitar hails. It has a bright sound common for flamenco but the age of the guitar gives it that magical sound many players refer as "duende." 

Artists who play Jeronimo Pena Fernandez: Enrique Montoya, Manolo Sanlucar, Manolo Escoba







Concert Flamenco Guitar

Location: USA

Make: Jeronimo Pena Fernandez

Model: Concert Flamenco Guitar "La Dulcinea" No. 29 of 29 Serie Especial

Model Year: 2013

Top: German Spruce

Back & Sides: Spanish Cypress

Scale: 653mm


Finish: French Polish

Tuners:  traditional Ebony pegheads

Country: Spain

Condition: Excellent


Product Specs

Jeronimo Pena Fernandez
Flamenco Guitar - "La Dulcinea"
Natural Yellow
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