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altamira m01 F-Hole antique
altamira M01F Antique Altamira guitars are currently one of the best Asian made Selmer style guitars being built today. Altamiras hand built approach and selection of quality woods yields a guitar with authentic european tone at a fraction of the price. Die M01F Antique ist eine feine DiMauro-Kopie aus dem Hause Altamira, die durch ihre massive Bauweise mit einem wunderbar...
1.099,00 € *
Geronimo Mateos Model "Jazz B"
Geronimo Mateos Model "Jazz B" massive spruce top, body and sides bubinga, neck is walnut includes a standard selmer case and a the new improved pickupsystem a very fine guitar for the price 1690.00 EURO Geronimo Mateos Model "Audrey" decke fichte, korpus und seiten bubinga, hals nuss PU-Lack oder Oil-Finish Pictures Oil Finish:
1.690,00 € *
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