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Michael Langer : Acoustic Jazz Guitar Solos
Michael Langer Acoustic Jazz Guitar Solos 20 Jazz Classics in Noten und TAB / medium-advanced Besetzung : Gitarre Alle 20 Songs sind für Gitarre solo mit detaillierten Fingersätzen arrangiert und in Notenschrift und Tabulatur notiert....
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RNT Gigbook
RNT Gigbook das einzige Buch das du brauchst!: 76 Swing Standards von "After you"ve gone" bis "You"re drivin" me crazy". Herausgegeben und sehr liebevoll gestaltet von Robin Nolan und Paul Meader. Format A5 - eben gigbag-geeignet! After...
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Ultimate Django
Ultimate Django ! This book is out of print and hard to get - the books I sell here are used copies for a reasonable price...! L integrale des 81 themes et melodies composees par Django Reinhardt. Retranscrits en solfege et tablatures...
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Manfred Fuchs GypsyJazz Lickbook
Manfred Fuchs GypsyJazz Lickbook Licks - das sind kurze, typische Melodielinien, die ins Ohr gehen. Sie vermitteln ein Gefühl für die musikalische Sprache eines Stils. Neben Arpeggien, Tonleitern und Verzierungstechniken ist ein...
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Astuces de la guitare manouche vol.3
Astuces de la guitare manouche vol.3 Référence MF 2820 État : Nouveau produit Pour ce troisième volume de la collection « Astuces de la guitare manouche », nous avons fait appel à un spécialiste de la valse swing, Christophe Astolfi. Il...
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Michael Dregni "Gypsy Jazz: In Search of Django...
Michael Dregni "Gypsy Jazz: In Search of Django Reinhardt and the Soul of Gypsy Swing" Of all the styles of jazz to emerge in the 20th century, none is more passionate, up-tempo, or steeped in an outsider tradition than Gypsy Jazz....
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michael dregni: django - life and music of a...
..... Yet there is no major biography of Reinhardt. Now, in Django, Michael Dregni offers a definitive portrait of this great guitarist. Handsome, charismatic, childlike, and unpredictable, Reinhardt was a character out of a picaresque...
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Tim Kliphuis Stephane Grappelli LICKS: The...
Tim Kliphuis - Stephane Grappelli Licks Tim Kliphuis has selected more than 250 Grappelli licks (short phrases) for you to learn. Using simple chord theory and tips for timing and style, you can start playing the licks on songs...
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Tim Kliphuis Stephane Grappelli - Gypsy Jazz...
Tim Kliphuis Stephane Grappelli - Gypsy Jazz Violin This book/CD set is the first method ever for learning Gypsy Jazz Violin in the style of Stéphane Grappelli. Have you, too, often listened to Grappelli’s solos thinking “I wish I could...
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Django Reinhardt - Undiscovered - Inedit
Django Reinhardt - Undiscovered - Inedit 5 original "Swing" pieces (tabs & standard notation) as played by Matelot Ferret & Patrick Saussois (36 pages) Just the rare recordings included in the CD are worth the purchase. Matelot s Ferret...
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Gypsy Picking inkl. CD - Michael Horowitz
Gypsy Picking By Michael HorowitzPlay faster , louder , and with better tone by learning the rest-stroke picking technique used by Django Reinhardt , Stochelo Rosenberg , Bireli Lagrene , and Fapy Lafertin. In this 72-page book and CD...
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Guitare Brésilienne - Luiz de Aquino DVD
Vous découvrirez dans ce DVD tous les plans, rythmes et autres techniques spécifiques à la guitare dite brésilienne. Pour commencer, l auteur nous présente les techniques de base, tant à la main gauche qu à la main droite. Suivies par un...
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