Six Essential Fingerings for the Jazz Guitarist

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Six Essential Fingerings for the Jazz Guitarist by Jimmy Bruno Product Description:... mehr
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Six Essential Fingerings for the Jazz Guitarist
by Jimmy Bruno

Product Description:

Guitarists face a sometimes overwhelming number of choices as to where to play a given note or phrase and what fingering to use. While a given fingering for a scale or phrase may be possible, it may not be practical. In this book, jazz guitarist Jimmy Bruno lays out six fingerings for the major scales which he has found to be the most efficient in his thirty years of professional playing. These patterns are then used to derive fingerings for the dorian mode, mixolydian mode, natural minor, harmonic minor, and melodic minor scales. Illustrations are provided in notation and tablature with fretboard diagrams aiding visualization. By using these fingerings consistently, the guitarist will eliminate all unnecessary fingerings and remove a major obstacle to his or her development as a musician.


In Deutsch: was er hier macht: mit 6 griffmustern glücklich werden - alles spielen können - wissen wo man ist - welche tonart - modale impro - dorisch - ionisch - mixolydisch - es ist gut, aber man brucht etwas bisses klick macht... :-)

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