Gypsy Fire - by A.Öberg and M.Horowitz

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Gypsy Fire - By Andreas Öberg and Michael Horowitz Patterns und Arpeggios im Stil von... mehr
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Gypsy Fire - By Andreas Öberg and Michael Horowitz

Patterns und Arpeggios im Stil von Django Reinhardt , Bireli Lagrene , Stochelo Rosenberg , and Jimmy Rosenberg

Hier O-Ton von Michael Horowitz: This 60-page book and CD includes:

- Thirty of the most common phrases and arpeggios used by Django Reinhardt , BirŽli Lagrne , Jimmy Rosenberg , Stochelo Rosenberg , and other contemporary Gypsy jazz virtuosos - Four complete Gypsy jazz style solos of various skill levels composed by Andreas Öberg - Transcriptions that are both standard notation and tablature (guitar chord diagrams included) - Notation of fingerings , picking and chord voicings used by professional Gypsy jazz guitarists - An audio CD with all examples played by Andreas Öberg at slow and fast tempos

The book is organized into two sections: - Part I , "Gypsy Jazz Patterns ," contains thirty of the most commonly used Gypsy jazz phrases and arpeggios. - Part II , "Solos ," contains four authentic Gypsy jazz style solos composed by Andreas Öberg.

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