Felix Schell: Hot Club Session

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Felix Schell: Hot Club Session Finally , a great method which will show you how to play the... mehr
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Felix Schell: Hot Club Session

Finally , a great method which will show you how to play the acoustic jazz guitar in the style of players like Django Reinhardt , Oscar Alleman and Eddie Lang - their style is characterized by a powerful rhythm guitar and a vital swinging single-note solo line. Due to the fact that it can be very hard to master the original transcriptions , this book simplifies this style without losing the essence of the original sound. Written in standard notation and TAB , the material can be played by students and players that master the easy to intermediate level on plectrum style jazz guitar. All titles are included on CD , as well as some play along tracks which offer a great possibility to improvise on typical gypsy chord changes and rhythms.

Hot Swing Gitarre ist ein Gitarrenstil besonderer Prägung. In der Zeit vor den elektrisch verstärkten Gitarren mussten Lautstärke , Brillanz und Sound physisch erzeugt werden. Die vorliegende Ausgabewendet sich an Gitarristen , die sich mit den Basics des "Hot Club Stils" vertraut machen und mit der beiliegenden CD mitswingen wollen.

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