Essential Gypsy Jazz Licks Vol 2

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Essential Gypsy Jazz Licks Vol 2    If you’re looking to quickly and... mehr
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Essential Gypsy Jazz Licks Vol 2


 If you’re looking to quickly and dramatically improve your soloing ability without getting bogged down with additional musical theory, then this is the one to grab. You'll be able to take what you learn and put it into action right away, at your next gig.

Essential Gypsy Jazz Guitar Licks volume 2 is packed full of juicy licks I’ve learned from masters like Django, Stochelo, and Bireli, as well as a few of my own choice originals; all covered in context over a set of must-know tunes in this style.
For each song, I give you five complete chorus’s of solos using some of my best and coolest improvisational ideas including embellishing the melody, octave ideas, chordal inversions and straight up killer gypsy jazz licks. You’ll have them in standard notation & guitar tab.

We'll Cover Licks Over These Killer Tunes

  • Coquette
  • Swing Gitane
  • All Of Me
  • For Sephora
  • Tears


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